Change management

How can companies implement changes successfully? Which minimum standards determine a successful change management system and how should these standards be communicated within the company? How can the approval of employees be sought for change management programs to ensure that they also actively plan and support the changes?

“People are at the heart of the reorganization” In addition to these guiding principles, we have also developed, implemented, and managed change management programs for various areas within companies, and applied improvement measures as the responsible line manager, e. g. for the sustainable growth of a company’s competiveness (increasing profits, cutting costs, reducing capital expenditure), for improving the quality management system in terms of process optimization and reducing non-conformance costs, for optimizing processes in supply chain management, for  sustainably improving risk and claim management, for developing a project management system,  for introducing a purchase controlling system, and for implementing an auction process for electronic purchases in the business-to-business area.

Commitment of responsible members of staff

At the start of each improvement program, the targets were specified in writing and responsibility was designated to appropriate employees. To generate a high level of commitment amongst the responsible members of staff, target agreements were negotiated mutually and signed, and elements of the incentive structure were aligned to the agreed targets. Besides questions regarding motivation through incentive and monitoring systems, qualification measures and measures for the promotion of the exchange of experiences were discussed, such as training measures and learning from the success of others.

An organization was specifically implemented for the change management programs in which tasks and responsibilities, roles, and communication channels were defined. Furthermore, processes for the identification, analysis, assessment, and implementation of the re-organization measures were defined, documented, and communicated.

Emphasis was also placed on reporting and management of the change management program. In addition to the report contents and structures, process and result-based indications were also realized in order to check the level of implementation and effectiveness of the measures. This ensured exact identification of the level of implementation at all times and – if necessary – the realization of additional, targeted measures.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin (*1809)
British Scientist

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