What sets us apart

Are you searching for new potentials for your company in the areas of risk, supplier, change, and project management? We offer you the opportunities to identify and realize these potentials. Our profession is all about helping companies solve their problems. Together with you and your staff, we ensure an increase in efficiency, an improvement in the quality of your products, the optimization of your work processes, and the professional handling of corporate risks.

Our experience

Our core competencies are our integrative expertise and extensive practical experience coupled with high social skills – a combination which provides our customers with maximum benefits. We place emphasis on the exchange between science and practice, as we create essential added value for your company through our awareness of scientific approaches and their application in practical projects. In addition to this wealth of expertise, our extensive experience in the field of corporate management and our excellent knowledge of operational business areas enable us to develop the best solutions for you.

Your sustainable success

Potentials for increasing productivity are not only found in processes, methods, and tools, but particularly in the management systems and their interfaces. Identifying these interfaces, forging consensus through dialog, and motivating all the concerned units to deliver joint improvements is our particular strength – thanks to our knowledge, gained from many years of experience in various functions, projects, and management systems and which helps us to understand complex processes.

Another one of our main goals is to ensure that everyone involved is also able to carry out changes – individually and successfully – in their companies in the future. Therefore, in addition to our methods and recommendations for immediate improvement of your management systems, we also provide you with the tools for a sustainable change management program to guarantee the long-term success of your company. The sustainability of our support is guaranteed because as a member of our network you continue to profit after the actual customer project from our latest knowledge and a permanent exchange of experiences with other network partners.

Our services

Individual advice, the implementation of operational projects, training courses for the respective management system, and a subsequent exchange of experiences characterize the skill-sets of our consulting services.

Our understanding of comprehensive analysis and problem solving also reflects our holistic approach to consultancy. We not only offer consultancy services, but also oversee the implementation of recommendations in real projects. Thanks to operational experience, we know how to realize the recommended concepts as a member of your team. Risk, supplier, change, and project management systems are at the heart of our consultancy services to guarantee that your company profits to the full from our extensive managerial experience at operational level.

Furthermore, we see ourselves as the key communicator of the jointly agreed strategies. It is therefore vital that assistance for the newly developed processes and methods is delivered through training events and workshops. Our extensive range of services includes not only the organization and design of the training programs and the realization of the actual training events for your employees and cooperation partners, but also facilitating an exchange of experiences with other companies and experts. We appreciate the transmission problems which exist when implementing strategies and concepts in companies – and therefore have a proactive approach to delivering operational aspects.

Our full consultancy service is complemented by our software tool. SAMS interactive provides the necessary support and transparency on the basis of the self-assessment concept for defining, implementing, and improving your company-specific minimum standards.

Only a fool learns from his mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

Otto Graf von Bismarck (*1815)
Deutscher Staatsmann und Politiker

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